OCPIN-Lite Tags - Terms

Terms and Conditions for the use of “OCPIN-LITE” IATA style Tags


“OCPIN-LITE” IATA style Tags can be activated by going to the OwnerContactPIN website. 

Activation on the Web

Activation costs are £1.50 per Tag.

Period of Use

Once activated the Tag is valid for a period of three months. Although we have called the Tag a “OCPIN-LITE” it can be used continuously during the three month period. Customers should ensure that the Tag is in good condition and legible if they intend to use more than once.

Customers of the “OCPIN-LITE” Tag can upgrade to a “Premium” Tag multi pack product (4 x premium Tags) by simply going to to buy a multi pack using the voucher code on the OCPIN -LITE Tag from which you will enjoy a £1.00 discount from the standard purchase price.

Found Property Notification

Customers who have completed their registration will receive notification by email which will be sent to the email address that was registered with us.

Recovery of found Property

It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for their found property to be returned to them. OwnerContactPIN will not normally get involved in these discussions. We would however suggest that you note the following guidelines:

  1. Do not pass on your personal details i.e. name, address etc. unless you are confident that it is appropriate to do so
  2. Do not arrange for the finder to bring your lost property to your home unless they are a known lost property management company, a courier or you are confident it is appropriate to do so
  3. If you have arranged to meet with someone who has found your property, make sure that you either:
  • agree to meet in a public place
  • ensure you have someone with you
  • ensure someone knows where you are going
  1. If someone asks you to provide the combination code to a locked possession do not pass it on to them unless you are confident that it is appropriate to do so
  2. You may want to consider providing some type of reward for the return of your lost property if found by a member of the general public

Customer Details

Customers should ensure that all contact details such as mobile phone number and email address are correct. These are the methods by which you will be contacted should a notification of found property be raised with us.


  • OwnerContactPIN will not be held responsible for the non-delivery of text / email information. Texts and emails will be sent to members using the contact information registered in their personal profiles.
  • UK and international 'Mobile Phone Service Provider Networks' and associated internet topologies will be used to contact OwnerContactPIN customers.
  • OwnerContactPIN has no control or responsibility for the quality of service provided by UK and international mobile service providers.
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