How It Works - Virtual Tag

Register your details with us to create your FREE virtual Tag that is valid for 3 months. Your details are anonymous and will not be shared with anyone other than at the request of legal entities

Print off or download your FREE virtual Tags. Once printed your Free virtual Tags can be placed on any item you choose. If you wish you can place the Tag if required into a holder that may provide some protection such as a luggage label holder. Alternatively why not upgrade now to one of our premium products which are perfect for attaching to luggage and other items and come with a FREE 12 month membership for new members.

While your Tag is active you can rest assured that if your property is lost and then found by a reliable person, once they have reported the find to our system (powered by FoundABag), you will be notified automatically. Remember, your personal details are never passed on to anyone other than at the request of a legal entity

Once you receive the information relating to your found property, you can take whatever steps are required to recover it

Please note that we cannot guarantee that all lost property will be returned. The system works if the property that has been found is reported directly to OwnerContactPIN via our secure “Foundabag” portal , or, it has been passed on to an organisation such as a Lost Property Office, Airline Baggage Handler, or the Police.

OCPIN is a fully automated service providing you with the location and contact information to recover your lost and mislaid items. The service is linked to aviation baggage systems that are used in airports world-wide, and the service also works everywhere else as well! Once your lost item is found and reported to the system members receive a text or email advising them of where in the world their lost item is located and how to recover it. It really is that simple and easy to use.


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